Month: May 2018

The famous line about “April is the cruellest month’ definitely applies to depression. When the weather lifts and spring has sprung, we should feel good. However, when depression is involved, that may not be the case.
Vitamin D levels are at their lowest along about April and May because of lack of sunshine but there may be other nutritional factors in play.
A study linking genes to expression of depression may give clues to more targeted orthomolecular (nutritional) treatments.
Spring is well named. It happened with its usual 0 to 100 kph acceleration leaving gardeners in the dust so to speak. I’ve been busy in the actual garden and also in tending our Health Pursuits patch.
Mothering implies taking care of something. We apply it to children but also other people, pets, plants, etc.
After comparing the results on the nutrient test between some people who mother themselves (good) and people who do not (not very good), I was left wondering why some people do not ‘mother’ themselves.
Jane and I compared these sorts of results. We found one possible reason that I thought we should share.
Not surprising really. Some who have been abused or neglected as children do not do a good job of mothering themselves.
At times, we all fall short of taking care of ourselves because of other pressing priorities but it should not be the usual state of affairs. We can’t ‘parent’ anyone else if we can’t ‘parent’ ourselves.
So keep firmly in mind that you are worthy of care. Caring for yourself, whether it is some exercise, good food, clean air, nutrients, or some laughs, is important. If you don’t think so, why not? Figure it out. The ‘gardening tools’ are available. Maybe by ‘Fathering Day’ things will be better.