Month: December 2017

Happy 2018 to everyone. Hope your strategies for surviving the holiday season in good shape have worked.
A really wonderful chance meeting happened yesterday with a couple who had done the NST 12 years ago! That was when we were just 3 years into the adventure and knew a fraction of what we know today.
The man told me that I had said he must be having some liver problems. The P5’P had come up for him. He had bought it and within days the nasty feeling of a mouse nibbling his middle had gone away. He took it regularly for awhile and now, every time he indulges in a rich diet, he gets that feeling and goes back to the P5’P.
His wife told me that she takes her B vitamins faithfully and does not have the pain that she suffered for years before the NST. Like many of you, she has told many of her friends and family about the NST but they didn’t go for it.
Both were delighted to see the NST book which will make it much easier to explain to other people. They bought 2 copies on the spot.
In addition, they want to do the test again with their daughter and a sister.
It makes me very happy that our ‘simple’ test could have such a positive effect for such a long time. Whenever I start to have self-doubts and a flagging of energy, it seems a story like that comes up to reinforce my determination to get the word out.
Thank you for being an ambassador for good health as well. We can do wonders together. Make a gift of your time for a year on the Board.🎄🎄🎄
It was a super time, on Monday the 11th, connecting with so many I have known from Health Pursuits. Thanks to everyone who came. I know that every book that goes out will help many people. Share the knowledge!
On Tuesday, Dec. 19, there will be another chance to meet at Sigrid’s between 11 and 4. As owner Matt said, “The more information people have about nutrients, the better.” The more information you have about your needs, the better.
A practitioner has emailed me to say ‘the book is impressive’ and ‘practical steps to help people.’
Hope you saw the article in the Frontenac News by Jeff Green. Thank you to Jeff and the Frontenac News.
A woman came to our group with a lot of symptoms – low energy, pain, indigestion, bloating, poor sleep, etc.. Sound familiar?
She was in a rush so she only did the scent test with the sample of betaine hydrochloride with pepsin which is where we always start.
The betaine smelled good so we told her that low stomach acid might be contributing to her problems and a tablespoon of lemon juice before meals might help.
We did not hear from her for a year. Then she came back to do the rest of the test! Apparently, just that one strategy helped so much that she was anxious to see what else might help — and she had enough energy to contemplate doing more.
If you aren’t digesting well, then all the good food and vitamins in the world will have a hard time helping.
You can read about the Nutrient Scent Test (NST) for digestion in the new book. Case studies, cofactor nutrients to test, and strategies for improving digestion are all included in that section. (Hint: the biotin sample can help tell if your intestinal bacteria are doing okay.)
What if every retirement and nursing home had just that one sample to test residents before meals— and had lemon juice handy for those who needed it! Quality of life might be greatly improved.
The celebration is at Isabel Turner Library, December 11, 12:30-5 pm.
Frontenac News is publishing a piece today if you receive that paper. I hope that community event listings in other papers will also appear.
Books are available at Sigrids, Novel Idea and Truesdales in Sydenham. Sheena has also offered to supply books to anyone who wants one that way. The ebook version for Amazon will be out in a few weeks.
Over $1300 worth of books have been sold already so the information is getting out there which is the goal after all. How many people can we help? Tons, I hope.
Founding members still check their supplements by scent test, especially when their situations seem to change.