Month: September 2017

On Saturday (Sept. 22, 2017) on Quirks and Quarks, a segment reported on research into whether jellyfish sleep or not.
Jellyfish were chosen because they are simpler organisms which would be easier to study. Apparently, these jelly fish react much more slowly to stimuli (e.g. being dropped into a tank of water) AT NIGHT.
After being disturbed at night, they are more sluggish in reactions for a couple of days.
The scientists theorize that jellyfish require ‘sleep’ to regenerate the chemicals to make their neurotransmitters function.
Years ago, I read a scientist who was doing research on sleep and he found that the flow of cerebral spinal fluid flooded in much more during the night. Cerebral spinal fluid could be removing toxins and brining nutrients.
Do you suppose that the reason we need sleep is to regenerate the neurotransmitter chemicals in our brains?
Do you suppose that deficiencies of nutrients to build neurotransmitters might cause ‘brain fog’ or other cognitive effects?
Do you suppose this is why the lack of sleep shortens life?
Check out this article.
There is a new book about sleep too that might be worth a look.
I know that I have always required more than the 8 hours a night and said so even when people boasted about needing very little sleep. According to these experts, there is no such thing as a person who NEEDS little sleep. There are lots of people who CANNOT sleep enough.
Check out your nutrients to make sure you have what you need to make neurotransmitters.


Finally someone has done a meta analysis of studies on antidepressants. Surprise! The results show that risk of death increases about a third over a decade with use of antidepressants. Link below.

Years ago, we read ‘The Schwartzbein Principle II” by psychiatrist Diane Schwartzbein. She had done work studying which nutrients would increase (or decrease) the supply of which neurotransmitter. That inspired us in our study of nutrients and the development of our test kit to monitor the balance for each of us.

For myself, I found that the more bioavailable form of B6, pyridoxal 5’phosphate made a huge difference, along with magnesium and other nutrients.

The article explains that supressing a neurotransmitter had an effect on other functions than the brain because they are used in various organs. It is not surprising that death from many causes increased because, if you mask a deficiency and suppress a vital neurotransmitter, the whole balance is going to be upset.

It is not simple. We could not have done it without the Nutrient Scent Test kit. When the book about our work is published in October, everyone, who wants, can read and be empowered. That will be amazing.


I am reading ‘The Gene’ by Siddhartha Mukerjee which contains accounts of the horrible eugenics experiments/programs in many countries. There is so much about racism/genetic ‘purity’ in the news these days that I thought you would like the support of this Health Pursuits experience.

The Scent Test kit contains 2 forms of each of the B vitamins; the regular form and the more bioavailable form. If a person needs a more bioavallableform, it may be because there is demand exceeding the ability of the body to convert the regular form into the more bioavailable form. It can be because a person’s GENETIC ENZYME VARIATION is slower at this particular task.

(We all have genetic enzyme variations with varying efficiencies with an astounding variety of tasks. Environmental conditions may favour one variation at one moment in history and another at a different time.)

To get to the crux of the story, a white person and a black person in our group have the same genetic enzyme variation affecting a B vitamin level in the same way. An indigenous person and a white person in our group have a variation affecting a B vitamin level in the same way. This is just a small sample but it serves to illustrate our common humanity.

We are all different AND all the same. We all have genetic enzyme variations but we are all unique combinations of these variations.

Go away divisive elements. Let’s get on with helping everyone. The Nutrient Scent Test is equal opportunity and colour blind.