Month: August 2017

It is hard to know what to trust on the Internet.
Here is a You Tube series recommended by Susan who is a knowledgeable member. I watched the one mentioned and found it reliable.
Check out this nutritionalist on YouTube. I’ve been following her for several years and am impressed 99% of the time.
As well you should know that you can check out archived articles from the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine which have been helpful in the past. You can also sign up for updates.
You will notice that this journal has not been listed on Medline and you can protest at the email address listed on the page.
(OMNS February 29, 2008) The archives of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine are now posted online. Past issues from 1967 through 2002 are available for downloading, at no charge, at
Our member near Peoria, Vilma, sent us an interesting article about hydration with some information and theories to consider. We have had people trying to sell us water forever but this has things you can do yourself. Please do comment as I’d love to hear your thoughts.
1. H302 water? What is it? What does it do? Ho do you get it?
2.Does H3O2 help produce energy? Does it help synthesize sulphates?
3. Does sunlight help produce H3O2 in skin?
Below is the link to the article.