Month: April 2017

Earth Day! Science Marches! Health Pursuits members rejoice. We are not alone in wanting our environment to be better. It doesn’t matter that goals are difficult to attain. What matters is that we have goals and keep on taking whatever steps we can toward them.
Clean water and clean air for everyone.
How about ‘environmentally friendly’ coming to mean healthy for the planet AND for people.
It would be wonderful to be able to keep people healthy with carefully tailored nutrition!
It would be great to prevent injuries and help bodies heal better from those that occur.
No lack of goals!
Let’s hope more and more people want to attain them.
Since Spring has officially begun, we’re overdue for the air quality discussion.
Snow mould was a hazard a couple of weeks ago but sunshine should have cleared it away by now. Moulds and fungi are an outdoors problem when the weather turns damp, and last year’s vegetation rots. Sniffy noses, less energy, or cognitive symptoms (brain fog) on damp days may be a clue.
Birches, willow, pussy willows, and other trees are covered with pollen catkins. Any little breeze spreads it far and wide – as nature intended. Pine and grass pollens follow in about June.
Keep the windows closed even though you want to fling them wide. Also if you are sensitive, hanging laundry outside to dry may save on the hydro bill but increase your misery account as the pollen sticks.
Mould can be a problem indoors when the air is damp but it’s not cold enough for the furnace to turn on. Dehumidifiers, fans to circulate the air, and light in damp areas, are all good strategies. Our air filter with its ultraviolet light and ionizing capacity is on full-time in the basement to first kill mould spores and bacteria and then settle them out of the air. I know of at least one person with chronic fatigue who recovered completely just by using such a filter in her home. Another strategy some people are trying is to put products with tea tree oil in damp areas.
At the change of the seasons, we’re changing clothing as well. Unused items are great breeding grounds for mould, mildew, dust, etc. Sort and toss or give away. I hope no one is using mothballs to keep away the mice – or poison themselves. I made that mistake once many years ago — to my regret.
Phew! We thought eliminating scented products was a big enough task.
Adrenals mediate allergies so supporting them wit appropriate nutrients when you are reacting may be useful. Please scent test to find out your specific needs. To read more about the nutrients needed, join the chat group.
I hope your spring is eminently breathable.

A study comparing the rate of heart attack in New York City, after its trans fat ban, compared with that of other state jurisdictions, shows a 6% reduction. Here’s the link.



The World Health Organization lists depression as the leading cause of disability in the world with 350 million suffering worldwide. In the US, 6.9 % of the population is estimated to be affected.

The symptoms of depression include sleep problems, eating problems, lack of energy to do the simplest tasks, and suicidal thoughts. This is not just feeling a little blue. This is not just disappointment with a bad day or outcome. This is when it is impossible to carry on with normal life.

In 20 years, members of Health Pursuits have dealt with depression many times. Society is quick to blame depression on life events but some people can cope with terrible times while others cannot. Why is this?

As always we looked at depression from all angles, upside down and sideways. 🙂

The good news is that simple strategies can help immensely. You might need help in implementing them at first but, in many instances, the improvements are very quick. Positive social contact is always important whether you are depressed or not.

This is not to say that there are people whose depression is resistant but simple things are definitely worth trying.

Since May is Mental Health month, we are showing related videos April 11, May 9 and June 6, 7 pm at Isabel Turner Library while the Community Foundation of Greater Kingston is having a speaker series on May 8.

For more support more, go to the web site to read the general strategies or to join us on the healthpursuitschatgroup for $25.

The Globe and Mail piece today assembles evidence that antioxidant supplements are not effective. Better to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
We agree with the last statement but if you examine the evidence they cite, you will find studies that gave all their participants the same supplements – Vitamin A or Vitamin E or selenium or something else. Any of these nutrients are toxic if the person does not need them. Any of these nutrients require other nutrients cofactors to be successful.
All the nutrients work together so food sources are very important because they do have a variety of nutrients.
However, people can fail to get enough of this or that from their diets for many reasons. What then?
We have only spent about half a million dollars of our own money studying for, and finding, a solution.
For the link and to read more, join the chat group via this web site.

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We decided to chime in with the Community Foundation of Greater Kingston speaker series on Mental Health on May8.




Apr. 11, 2017

Mental Balance & the Nutrition Connection

Video of medical publisher, Helke Ferrie, & discussion


May 9, 2017

Food, Mood & Well-Being

Video of Dr. R. McCaldon & discussion


Jun. 6, 2017

The Current Autism Epidemic

Video of Dr. R. Coombs & discussion

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Interesting on CBC radio this morning, an interview about a post-traumatic growth study at Algonquin. If you go to, you will find the questionnaire related to the study.

Perhaps we should inundate them with information about the MEND factors that help people recover. I know myself that recovery from concussion and other trauma required all the strategies. It all depends on your genetic variations.

The orientation of Benjamin Roebuck and Jennifer Barkley to the subject may neglect those MEND factors.

As usual, there are many paths to healing. It is unfortunate when people have to try so many before they happen on the right ones.

Hey, that’s where we come in! Education to shorten the search.