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Welcome. Our group is mostly women, of all ages and across the professions and the arts. We have had much success helping ourselves.

In 2008, we were subject of a short study by the University of Toronto Medical School and the Envirionmental Health Clinic at Women's College Hospital, Toronto. We are the only model in the medical literature of a support group for those with FM, CFS, MCS, etc, which helps people improve while other models made people worse.

Health Pursuits Reading/Study Groups are groups of people seeking information to try to improve our own health. Information provided by any of the groups does not constitute health care advice in general, or for any individual. Health Pursuits organizers, facilitators, and newsletter/publication contributors cannot take responsibility, or be held responsible, for health care decisions you make related to information provided in Health Pursuits meetings, newsletters, or other publications. Health Pursuits strongly recommends that you make your health care decisions in collaboration with regulated health professionals.

The Health Pursuits Reading/Study Group members are not medical professionals. We are only patients with a lot of experience. We are volunteers and are unpaid. We can only give information on the many strategies we have tried and on books and other resources where more information may be found. What the reader does with the information is his or her decision. The Health Pursuits Reading /Study Group recommends that readers consult with a registered practitioner before proceeding with strategies


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'We don't just read the books, we live the books'
THE GLOBE AND MAIL – May 9, 2009

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What's Helping You Rise?

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